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ZINIA extends a warm invitation to all ladies interested in pursuing a lucrative career as a hostess in the adult industry...

If you are slim, busty and attractive aged between 18-25 years old, if you would rather earn between $6,000-$10000 in cash per week, without anyone knowing, ZINIA is the right place for you to go.Our enviable position of being the best brothels in Sydney has established a huge and a loyal client base.

We are always busy with unlimited earning potential. You can earn more in one day or night than you do in two weeks.You can choose your own hours of work to fit in with your other commitments. Security cameras & monitors are provided so you can view all the clients first on camera.

Enjoy an extremely friendly and relaxed environment with very caring female management. Best possible working environment provides all comfort, safety, health & security. No experience required as full step-by-step training is provided. "We specialise in just beginning!"

We provide free quality accommodation, which is perfect for travellers and students. (Make big money while you're travelling or studying).

ZINIA owns a few shops and can provide you with an option to work in different shops if you like.

Call 0415 298 988 or 02 9642 2562 or 02 8040 4686 now and earn $$$$ from today.

聘美女,  $1000, 周入过$10000

ZINIA 拥有大量客源公司高管,富商,富二代社会名流 客人不仅出手大方,并且素质涵养,在解决您一切金钱需求的同时,为您提供接触社会人脉的捷径。


收入极其诱人。你无法相信您的周入我们保证 $1000澳币 周入过$10000澳币, 收入不封顶。因为我们市场营销成功,效突出,客源庞大,保证在我公司得到最多的收入!视女生颜值,每小时分成可达$200-$500澳币。当日结账

或许你还有疑虑,不妨我公司试做,看看您的收入是不是 $1000澳币 周入过$10000澳币,再决定去留,一切自由!



电话:0415 298 988 中文)

            0451 830 288

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Zinia Strathfield South: Suite 2/81-89 Cosgrove Rd, Strathfield South

Phone: (02) 9642 2562